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Home Screen and Workstreams

The home screen of your project is the first page you will see. It shows an overview of your team’s work with:

  • Lastest Activity
  • Workstreams
  • Lastest News
  • Team Members
  • Quicklinks
  • Work Breakdown
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The dashboard provides a full view of all the items in a workstream. From the dashboard you can:

  • Propose new ideas
  • Comment on other people's ideas
  • Vote for or against ideas
  • Prioritize important work
  • Estimate complexity/cost
  • Manage a Todo list for each item
  • Start or join teams
  • Report on finished items
  • Accept or reject other's work


The lightbox allows you to view all the specifics of an item without navigating away from the page you are on.
A lightbox opens from the activity page or the dashboard, allowing you to do everything that you do in the dashboard (listed above) but with more information.


The activity is a news feed of all of the activity for that workstream.
From the activity page you can

  • See the latest buzz, comments, and discussions
  • Comment on items
  • Open any item in a lightbox and take action

Item Estimation

Work items' complexity can be collectively estimated via the dashboard.
Here's how it works:

Members of a team who choose to, can estimate the item's complexity on a scale from one to six. The assessment of all members with a binding vote is averaged. Non-binding assessments are logged but don't affect the final complexity of an item.

Depending on how complex an item has been estimated, it needs fewer or more votes to move from one state to another. This allows big-item decisions to move slower, giving more people a chance to weigh in on it, while small-item decisions can move quickly without being blocked.

Knowing an item's complexity also better informs the team to properly prioritize it.

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Motions are a way to make big organizational decisions together. They can be used for thinks like

  • Nominating a new member
  • Nominating a core team member
  • Revised mission statement
  • New strategic direction
  • New hourly work type

Discussion Boards

If you have an idea that you are not yet ready to propose and want to talk to folks about it, start a discussion.

Topics you might discuss:

  • General strategy
  • New possible workstreams
  • New target audience
  • Anything else that comes to mind...


Yup, we have wikis too.

A wiki is a tool that allows the easy creation and collaboration of any number of interlinked documents.

You can create a document and collect information together. Edit and work with each other to build knowledge and move forward.

Document Storage

You have the ability to:

  • Attach documents to a specific work item
  • Gather documents within a workstream
  • Store documents at the root workstream level

Note: Storage limits exist for private workstreams. For more information on this see our Pricing and Plans.

Data Security & Backup

We treat your data royally. Its religiously backed up to Amazon’s weapons-grade data centers. Don’t worry.

All traffic to and from our servers is encrypted using 128-bit SSL (that’s geek-speak for really really safe).

We've got you covered.

Browser Compatibility

Currently is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Firefox 3 and higher
  • Safari 4 and higher
  • Chrome 4

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