Open, Democratic Project Management

Decide together.
Get things done.
No bosses needed.

Use open-source decision-making rules,
and self-organizing principles
to run your real-world projects.

"Bettermeans paints an image of a modern business"

We need a new agreement of how we work together.

How we make decisions. How we decide on who gets to work on what. And who gets paid what.

Groups of people can work together intelligently, without getting bogged down in endless meetings, or slow decision making. No bossing needed.

Open source software and Wikipedia, are just two examples of large groups working together efficiently without fixed hierarchy.

Bettermeans lets you use the same decision-making rules, and self-organizing principles behind open source to run your project.

Bettermeans is truly a new way of working within a team, and organizing projects.

It is a great way to promote collaborative, democratic decision making and cut out the traditional hierarchy of business.